Session 2


We are interested in human impact on the landscape but even more in the landscape impact on the human life and culture. We are looking for material human marks in the landscape palimpsest but also the traces of landscape in beliefs, language and aesthetics of ancient cultures. We are looking for all levels on which the landscape functioned in the human past.

Proposed key issues:

  • studies on the role of landscape in the development of human communities in prehistory and in historic period
  • studies on the implications of landscape for the type of infrastructure; landscape as a base system for settlement and social activity
  • how settlement, economic, religious, social, and political transformations manifest themselves in landscape?
  • can landscape be seen as the context for people living in it and a factor shaping their perception, mentality, and way of functioning
  • in what way does landscape describe the differences between inhabited areas and build local identities?
  • in what ways does landscape shape human aesthetics and perception?
  • what is the position of landscape in the characteristics of particular cultural units?
  • how is landscape reflected in language and interpersonal relations?

Possible most interested professionals: archaeologists, landscape archaeologists, GIS specialists, ethnologists, anthropologists, specialists in cultural research, anthropo-geographers, historians, theorists of culture etc.