Poster session

Important information on how to prepare presentations!

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Poster presentation



The Conference’s Poster Session will allow presenters to communicate their concepts and research on a large-format poster. The main advantage of a poster is that it allows you to more personally interact with people who are interested in your work. In addition, you are able to present your approach to a wider group of participants as your presentation is not as time limited as talks.
All posters will be presented during the entire conference, however, a specific time slot will also be dedicated to highlight the posters and have a more open discussion on the posters.

The posters will be presented in form of large-scale roll-up banners with dimensions 80 x 200 cm. The author must perform poster at his own expense (likely costs between 25 – 40 $).

Poster Design Suggestions

  • If you plan to prepare a poster, a simple roll-up poster is quite adequate.
  • All posters should include a title and list the authors and their affiliations.
  • Use a crisp, clean design.
  • Make illustrations simple and bold, with visible captions. Enlarge photos, tables, and charts to show pertinent details clearly.
  • Do not tell the entire research history. Present only enough data to support your conclusions and show the originality of the work. The best posters display a succinct statement of major conclusions at the beginning, followed by supporting text and a brief summary at the end.
  • You may use the QR codes.
  • Displayed materials should be self-explanatory, freeing you for discussion.
  • You may want to bring handouts of your abstract or copies of your data and conclusions to share with interested viewers. Some authors also provide sign-up sheets to record names and addresses of attendees who might wish more information, reprints, etc.